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The USFDF’s FLYTE Awards are the American DNK communities’ recognition of excellence for current and former freesTYle DNKRs, freesTYle DNK teams and freesTYle DNK progress. As the community grows and history and legacies are being made, the USFDF stands ready to celebrate those who rise to the occasion. Winners will be automatically inducted into the Fly Slama Jama Fraternity.  Recognition will be expressed in the form of a “DNK” statuette and will be awarded in the following categories:

DNKR Of The Year

DNK Team Of The Year

DNK Of The Year

Tandem DNK Of The Year

DNK Show Of The Year

Most Viral DNK Clip Of The Year

Pass of the Year

Throwback DNK Award

Flashback DNK Award

Must be a member of the USFDF to nominate someone.

Must be a member of the USFDF to vote.

If you are not a member, click HERE to become one.

You may nominate multiple nominees for each category and it's perfectly OK to nominate yourself. 

Except for the Throwback DNK Award all categories are for performances delivered in 2018. 

Must include a link to a supporting video of nominee's performance (IG, YouTube, FB, etc). If a highlight reel, please specify which DNK/Pass you are nominating. All DNK/Pass nominations must be of a performance (not a rehearsal or practice) in front of a live audience at an official competition event or event where athlete was paid to perform or compensated in some way. The video link must support this.

Your first & last name as well as your email is required to nominate someone.

Email if any questions.

Nominations open Jan. 19-29, 2019.

Winners announced February 16, 2019.

Download PDF of award criteria

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