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Cirque Du Soleil - Mad Apple, Las Vegas, NV

Mad Apple is a Cirque du Soleil contemporary circus at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Gig Details:
Rehearsal start date could be as early as APRIL 1, 2023 but no later than APRIL 15, 2023. Show dates possible start May 1, 2023.
•1 year renewable contract
•10 shows/week (2 shows/night for 5 nights - Wednesday & Thursday Off) 
•Pay is in the range of $170/show or $1700/week paid every 2 weeks

•This is a contract with Cirque Du Soleil NOT USA DUNK or ACRODUNK

If you are currently dunking and have a video highlighting the following basic skill set and any additional skills, add the link to video below or text it to 281-467-2288 ASAP.

Please do not send your instagram account 
link for me to scroll through searching for skills. Send the individual IG links which highlight your skills or edit a highlight video and send that link. Thanks!

Barani bounce/toss
Front to glass/ toss/ bounce
Basic Toss/ bounce/ glass

Thru the leg
Around the back
Double thru the leg
Front thru the leg

Thru the leg
Around the back
Front thru the leg

Thanks for submitting!

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