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Sport Of Thinking: You are an athlete

Sport Of Thinking: You are an athlete

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The Sport Of Thinking: Stop Pretending - Start Training:

The Sport Of Thinking: Stop Pretending - Start Training:

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Sport of Thinking: Train Your Brain

Sport of Thinking: Train Your Brain

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Sport Of Thinking: Your teacher is your coach!

Sport Of Thinking: Your teacher is your coach!

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Win the most important games you'll ever play!

If school is preparation for the game of life, let's approach it like a sport and graduate as first round draft picks equipped to take on life's challenges. Let's train our brains like world class athletes train their bodies and let's decide right now that the championship is ours for the taking!

Let's show up at every practice, let's do our best every time, let's learn from our mistakes, let's do what NEEDS to be done especially when we don't feel like doing it, let's follow our coaches plays, let's do more than our coaches ask of us.


Let's WIN!

Jerry L. Burrell

Founder of ACRODUNK, USA DUNK, The High "Impact" Squad, United States Freestyle Dunk Federation and creator of The Sport Of Thinking.

Gregory Mueller

Multi-talented performer, emcee, actor and businessman. USA DUNK team captain, ACRODUNK team captain, Houston Rockets Dunk Team captain and all around great communicator.

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"Practice, practice, practice. The only way I did well on my studies was to be precise and constant on my practice (homework), just like I am precise and constant when practicing hoops... School is a mental competition. You are trying to 'beat' the class but instead of jump shots or goals, you use your brain to beat tests and quizzes."

Shane Battier

NCAA Champion

3 Time NBA World Champion

Academic All American

Duke Univ 1997 - 2001

*The use of Shane Battier's response to questions about the Sport Of Thinking is not intended to indicate an official endorsement

"I like to see more kids get more competitive in their academics. To treat it like a sport. Because it is the #1 thing you can equip yourself with for the rest of your life. When you have an education, essentially you’re giving yourself more options, which are more weapons to succeed in this life and in this world."

— Clyde Drexler

Olympic Gold Medalist

NBA World Champion

Univ Of Houston 1980 - 1983

*The use of Clyde Drexler's response to questions about the Sport Of Thinking is not intended to indicate an official endorsement


Paigan Roberts, Teacher

Just watched some of these guys perform for Galliano Elementary School and I must say they were INCREDIBLE. Mr. Jerry Burrell was a great speaker and the message he told to the children was beautiful. Thank y'all for being positive role models for our kids and for putting on one stellar performance.

Gerald Evans, Principal

Greg Mueller and ACRODUNK captured our 7th and 8th grade students’ attention from the minute they started their program and kept their attention the entire time. This was one of the best programs we have seen at our school.

Partial list of Organizations and schools who have hired/contracted The Sport Of Thinking presentation:


Coastal Fundraising Concepts       Crescent City Fundraisers             Louisiana Fundraisers

Step It Up - So Cal

Great American Opportunities       Big Time Fundraising                   Mega Fundraising


Worlds Finest Chocolates               Cady Fundraising                         USA Fundraisers

Kipp Nexus                                        

St. Mary’s Of the Purification      

Clinton Jr. High

Kipp Sharp                                        

Joseph Davies Elementary          

Cedar Ridge Elementary

Kipp Unity                                          

Lakewood Elementary                

Fox Creek Elementary

Kipp Explore                                    

Folsom Elementary                      

Parkside Jr. High

Ashford Elementary                        

Galliano Elementary                      

Okaw Valley MS

Sampson Elementary                    

Livaudais Middle School              

Central A&M MS

Memorial Parkway Junior High    

Pinecrest School                            

Meridian MS

Blattman Elementary                    

Clara Hall                                        

Monticello MS

Aue Elementary                              

Rosenthal Montessori            

Salt Fork Jr. High

Bridgedale Elementary        

Memorial Pkwy Elem

Reed Elementary            

Holden School                

Rossville Alvin 

Moore Elementary            

Frost School                

Richland Cty MS

Deepwater Elementary        

Levi Milton                

Effingham Jr. High

Atkinson Elementary            

Lakeside Primary            

Pana Elementary

Stafford Elementary            

Oak Grove Primary            

Dunlap Grade School

Harmony Science Academy        

Sorrento Primary            

Dunlap MS

Keefer Crossing Middle School    

Westside Jr. High            

Northview Elementary

Gardens Elementary            

South Walker Elementary        

Norwood Primary

Harmony Science W. Houston    

Springfield Middle School        

Liberty Hill MS

Harvard Elementary

Annunciation Catholic

Mark Twain Elementary        

Jack Hayes Elementary        

Rancier MS

Passmore Elementary            

Bush Elementary            

Union Grove MS

International Leadership        

Lakeshore Elementary        

Lee Elementary

Texas Christian School        

Seventh Ward Elementary        

Copeland Elementary

Deer Park Elementary            

Gray’s Creek Elementary        

Hamilton Elementary

College Park Elementary        

Albany Middle School        

Southmore Intermediate

Tom Cox Intermediate        

Live Oak Elementary            

Frazier Elementary

Smith Elementary            

Lake Elementary            

Danish Elementary

Edward Hines Charter School        

Dutchtown Middle School        

Rizzuto Elementary

Chateau Estates Elementary        

Lockport Lower Elementary                

Mental Fitness Program

Champions follow a plan to reach advanced levels and to maintain their mastery. As athletes in the Sport Of Thinking, you need a plan to rise to your potential and keep rising. Consider the following Mental Fitness Program:

30 minutes of reading

5 minute break

15 minutes of writing

5 minute break

15 minutes of solving (math, science)

5 minute break

15 minutes teaching someone what you've read/written about