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Must be a member of the USFDF by February 9, 2019 to cast a vote in the 2019 USFDF Flyte Awards.

If you are not a member, you will not be able to vote in this year's Flyte Awards but we encourage you to still join to benefit from future opportunities. Click HERE to join.

Winners will be announced February 16, 2019 in an Instagram series hosted here.

1. Download PDF of Sample Ballot

2. Watch nomination videos HERE and use sample ballot to decide who to vote for. You may also view vids on our IG page

3. Starting February 10, 2019 check your email for a notice from USFDF which will include your elector ID, password and a link to the secure online voting site. The email will be sent to the email address you provided when you joined the USFDF

4. Follow the directions in the email to access the ballot directly without having to log-in.

5. VOTE for each category by 11:59pm (pacific time)February 12, 2019 

6. Let the world know you voted by sharing the provided "I voted" message across your social media

7. Support the USFDF and the work we do for the DNK community by buying and gearing up in FLYTE Gear Here.

usfdf_flyteAwards_2Color cropped.png

The USFDF’s FLYTE Awards are the American DNK communities’ recognition of excellence for current and former freesTYle DNKRs, freesTYle DNK teams and freesTYle DNK progress. As the community grows and history and legacies are being made, the USFDF stands ready to celebrate those who rise to the occasion. Winners will be automatically inducted into the Fly Slama Jama Fraternity.  Recognition will be expressed in the form of a “DNK” statuette and will be awarded in the following categories:

DNKR Of The Year

DNK Team Of The Year

DNK Of The Year

Tandem DNK Of The Year

Most Viral DNK Clip Of The Year

Pass of the Year

Throwback DNK Award

Flashback DNK Award