The United States FreesTYle Federation is the governing body of the USA freesTYle dunk community.  ​Our mission is to organize, connect and advocate for the American dunking community while developing and providing training opportunities, competitive opportunities and performance opportunities.

We are helping create dunk superstars!

We believe the future of the American FreesTYle dunking community must be guided, shaped and molded by the dunkers who make up its ranks and those whose shoulders they stand on.

Every amateur, professional and retired freesTYle dunker in the country is invited to join our ranks. If you fall into one of those categories and want to be a part of the movement, tell us your story here. 


FRSTYL DUNK USA fielded a team to compete at BuDUNKpest 2016, the first ever international freesTYle dunk contest hosted by Face Team and the Dunking Devils.

Seven of some of the best freesTYle dunk athletes in America journeyed to Budapest and over the course of three 2 hour training sessions prepared a 2nd place team performance and a 1st place solo championship (Kit Ackermann).

BuDUNKpest 2016 aired live on Budapest TV and every dunker present understood the significance of the event. We knew we were marking a milestone that would alter the trajectory of our sport. 



In September of 2018, ACRODUNK partnered with the USFDF to send a 7 man team with 1 judge and 2 coaches to BuDUNKpest 2018. As a result bonds were strengthened with the international dunk community and more American dunkers got a taste of what is possible when we host #SLAMERICA in the USA.  


September 14, 2019, USA DUNK partnered with ACRODUNK again to send an 8 man team, a judge and a coach to #BuDUNKpest2019. Instead of training in the states, the team went early to Budapest and trained there and won. As the current World Champions, we look forward to defending our championship in the coming competitions. 


The USA is close to having more professional freesTYle dunking athletes than all other countries combined. We have more retired freesTYle dunkers than many countries have active dunkers. Many amateur dunkers are joining the sport and every one of us deserves to experience the thrill of putting our skills to the test. 


Every time you launch yourself off the trampoline and take flight, you embody what it means to pursue your passion, to do what you love, to follow your dreams and to contribute to the USA DUNK legacy.


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United States FreesTYle Dunk Federation


usa dunk budunkpest2019 team response to

usa dunk budunkpest2019 Photo credit Mark Turcsik